Three contributions from AMADE members have been presented in MATCOMP 2017 (San Sebastián):

Pérez-Galmés, J. Renart, C. Sarrado, J.Costa and A.Rodríguez-Bellido’s contribution “Configuración del ensayo ELS para la determinación de la tenacidad a la fractura en modo II en uniones adhesivas” proposes a strategy to successfully use the ELS test to predict the initiation and propagation values in mode II of an adhesive joint. The strategy includes procedural and dimensional recommendations considering the FPZ zone length.

The presentation “Effect of ply-thickness on the impact response of interleaved thin-ply non-crimp fabric laminates:  X-ray tomography investigation” by S.M. García-Rodríguez, A. Bardera, A. Sasikumar, M. Ruiz, V. Singery, I. Boada, D. Trias and J. Costa reports on an experimental campaign that has used tomography to assess the damage inflicted on thin-ply laminates in CAI plus QSI tests. Thin-ply laminates are lighter and can be applied to advantage in aircraft fuselage skins: a key factor is their resistance to out-of-plane impact.

The authors J. Llobet, P. Maimí, J.A. Mayugo, Y. Essa and F. Martin de la Escalera of the presentation “A stiffness-based phenomenological model to predict the fatigue life of unidirectional CFRP laminates under tensile fatigue loadings” have tested high-performance undirectional CFRP laminate specimens under on-axis fatigue loads. The purpose was to study the damage progress on the material. The S-N curve, representing the strength degradation, is derived from measures of the stiffness degradation.