Seminars of Drs. Laurin and Catalanotti

Seminars of Drs. Laurin and Catalanotti

During the week of March 5th-9th, and in the framework of the Master’s Mechanics of Materials and Structures  we will receive the visit of two leading researchers on composites: Dr. Frederic Laurin (ONERA) and Dr. Giuseppe Catalanotti (Queen’s University, Belfast).

Dr. Laurin will give us 4 sessions of seminars on March 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th on the topic:

  • Advanced damage and failure models used in the aeronautical industries.


Dr. Catalanotti speech will be split between March 7th and 8th, covering the following topics:

  • Overview on fracture of fibre reinforced composites. Classical experimental methods.
  •  Advanced experimental methods. Direct measurement of fracture parameters. Direct calculation of the J integral.
  • The size effect method for fibre reinforced composites. The fracture toughness associated with the propagation of a crack band.
  •  Advanced aspects. Effect of temperature and strain rate.


The seminars will take place in the Polytechnic School. They are open and free to any interested person (see schedule in pdf).