Master MMS’s Seminars: invited professors 2018/2019


Master MMS’s Seminars: invited professors 2018/2019

During the week of March 4th-8th, and in the framework of the Master’s Mechanics of Materials and Structures  we will receive the visit of two leading researchers on composites: Dr. Silvestre Pinho (Imperial College of London) and Dr. Julien Jumel (Université of Boudeaux).

Dr. Pinho is an internationally recognized researcher in the field of advanced composite materials. The topics will be:

Session 1 (2 hours): Recycling of composite materials
Session 2 (2 hours): Failure criteria for composites
Session 3 (2 hours): Fibre bundle models for strength and toughness
Session 4 (2 hours): Bio-inspired composite microstructures
Session 5 (2 hours): Advanced numerical methods for fracture

Dr. Jumel will teach some topics of the “Structure Dynamics” optional subject of the MMS master. Anyway, if you are interested you will be welcome to the sessions. The topics will be:

– 1 D.O.F. system – Damping of vibration (1 hour lecture)
– Transient vs harmonic vibration: shock spectrum (1 hour exercise)
– Multidegree of freedom system with damping complex mode shape / Dynamic damper design (2 hour lecture)
– Exercise – Structure coupling / effect of modal truncature (2 hour exercise)
– Vibration of bars and beams free and forced response (2 hour lecture)
– Exercises (1 hour exercice)

The seminars will take place in the Polytechnic School. They are open and free to any interested person (see schedule in pdf)