During the week of March 2nd-8th, and in the framework of the Master’s Mechanics of Materials and Structures  we will receive the visit of two leading researchers on composites: Dr. Michael May ( Ernst‐Mach‐Institut, EMI ) and Dr. Bruno Castanié (University of  Toulouse ).

DR. MICHAEL MAY.  Head of Department Materials and Simulation Methods Fraunhofer‐Institute for High‐Speed Dynamics, Ernst‐Mach‐Institut, EMI:

Session 1: Dynamic material behaviour (2 hours)
• Relevance of dynamic material behavior
• Characteristic phenomena: Strain rates and shock waves
• Decomposition of the stress tensor
• Strain‐rate dependent material properties
Session 2: Dynamic material testing I (2 hours)
• Limitations of standard test equipment
• Wave theory
• Conditions for valid tests
• Types of Dynamic material tests
• Instrumentation and diagnostics
Session 3: Dynamic material testing II (2 hours)
• Application to Adhesives
• Application to Composites
• Application to Metals
• Application to Concrete
Session 4: Basics in Shock Wave Physics (2 hours)
• The Riemann Problem
• Non‐linear equation of state
• Flyer‐Plate experiments
• Taylor Anvil experiment
Session 5: Modeling of materials under high loading rates (2 hours)
• Explicit FE modeling
• Material models capturing rate effects
• Cohesive zone modeling for composites and adhesive joints

DR. BRUNO CASTANIÉ. Head of Composite Group, Institut Clément Ader, University of  Toulouse

Session 1: Understanding composite structures behavior (2 hours)
The example of Compression failure, Structure effects, Tests and Analysis of composite structures, Multi‐level analysis, Damages modes. Example of failure scenario: FHC Tests and offset failure, pull‐through, low velocity/low energy impact, Conclusions.
Session 2: Sizing philosophy in aeronautic (2 hours)
Failure Criteria, Allowables and Knockdown factors, tests on coupons, point‐stress, Pyramid of tests, damage tolerance and advanced modeling strategies.
Session 3: Sandwich structures for aeronautics (2 hours)
Sandwich, stiffened and geodesic aeronautic composite structures: a comparison. Manufacturing issues, mechanical behavior, Sizing and certification constraints of sandwich structures. History of aeronautic applications.
Session 4: Technology (2 hours)
Short recall of main matrix and fibers, Manufacturing methods in and out‐of‐autoclave, Automated process, defects, dust, stiffened panels, Integrated design, 2D1/2 and 3D composites, fibre steering, hybrid structures.
Session 5: History of aeronautic composite structures (2 hours)
V10F, Helicopters, Civil Aircraft, Space, state‐of‐the art, disclosed programs and possible futures.


The seminars will take place in the Polytechnic School. They are open and free to any interested person (see schedule in pdf)