Celebration of the AMADE Day Winter 2021

Celebration of the AMADE Day Winter 2021

The 3rd AMADE Day was virtually celebrated on January 26, 2021.

During the AMADE Day, members of the research group brought updated information about facilities and experimental tests at AMADE laboratories and also about new tests and experiments that currently are being conducted.

In addition, other invited speakers from recognized international institutions participated in the AMADE Day with very interesting contributions. First, Elio Pajares (Airborne and former AMADE member) talked about opportunities in automation. Secondly, Ruben Isaac Erives Anchondo (DTU, Denmark) gave a presentation about determination of a mix-mode cylindrical cohesive law from DCB tests. Finally, Simon Mosbjerg Jensen (AAU, Denmark) showed results on fatigue-driven delamination in GFRP laminates under mode I variable amplitude loading and G-control cyclic testing.

Conducting the AMADE Day in a virtual format has been a great opportunity to meet each other and share the latest news and results, despite the current pandemic context.