In January 2020, the AMADE research group celebrated its twentieth anniversary with a small conference and a good meal. The success of the meeting encouraged us to hold a biannual mini-symposium. On this page you can find the presentations of all the AMADE DAYS.


Amade Day Winter 2021

January 26,  Virtual

10:00  Welcome, Pere Maimí and Cristina Barris

10:10“Opportunities in automation”, Elio Pajares  (invited speaker from Airborne and former Amade member)

10:30  Session 1: Facilities and experimental tests at Amade labs  Chairman: Cristina Barris

“New tests and developments during 2020 in the AMADE composites lab”,  Carlos Sarrado

“Facilities and capabilities of AMADE structures lab”, Marta Baena

11:20  Coffee break & virtual social meeting

11:40  Session 2: New tests and experiments Chairman: Albert Turon

“Effect of temperature on flexural performance of NSM CFRP-strengthened RC beams”, Younes Jahani

“Mixed mode test setup design & in-situ durability test“, Edwin Meulman

“Determination of a mix-mode cylindrical cohesive law from DCB tests”, Ruben Isaac Erives Anchondo (invited speaker from DTU, Denmark)

“Fatigue-driven delamination in GFRP laminates under mode I variable amplitude loading and G-control cyclic testing”,

Simon Mosbjerg Jensen (invited speaker from Aalborg and visiting student at Amade)

13:00   Closure


Amade Day Summer 2020

July 15,  Virtual

10:00  Welcome, Josep Costa

10:10  Rector de la Universitat de Girona, Dr. Quim Salvi i Mas

10:30 “Bellapart Chair in Light and Glass Structures: purposes and objectives”, Dani Trias

10:50  “Amade’soperation during the Covid-19 pandemic”, Cristina Barris

11:00  Coffee break

11:10  Session 1:   Mechanical Testing Chairman: Josep Costa

“X-ray tomography applications for composites”, Santiago García Rodríguez (invited speaker from Onera and former Amade member)

“Four ways to measure the J(w) curve”, Pere Maimí

11:50  Coffee break

12:10  Session 2: Design tools Chairman: Pere Maimí

“Complete transverse stress recovery model for linear shell elements in arbitrarily curved laminates”, Pierre Daniel (Btech and Amade)

“Towards the definition of an hybrid experimental/virtual test matrix for the certification of the aeronautical components”,

Albert Turon, Oriol Vallmajó & Ivan Ruíz Cozar

13:10  Closure



Amade Day Winter 2020

January 24, at “Sala d’actes” of the “Campus Centre, UdG” (Emili Grahit, 77)

10:00  Welcome, Pere Maimí and Cristina Barris

10:10  “AMADE, 20th anniversary”, Josep Costa

10:50  Coffee break

11:10  Session 1: Additive manufacturing  Chairman: Dani Trias

“Additive Manufacturing of Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites for Transports, Healthcare & Sports”, Norbert Blanco

“3D printing of strong fiber reinforced polymer”, Adi Adumitroaie

11:50  Session 2:  Strain rate effects   Chairman: Dani Trias   

“Strain rate effects: A challenging topic considered in new AMADE’s projects”, Emilio González

“Measuring Mode-I dynamic fracture toughness of composites under intermediate speeds”, Sergio Medina

12:30  Coffee break

12:40  Session 3: Adhesive joints Chairman: Lluís Torres 

 “Efficient design of bonded joints under different loading and environmental conditions”, Jordi Renart

“A methodology to analyse bonded joints subjected to different environmental conditions”, Said Abdel Monsef

“Near- surface mounted FRP-concrete adhesive joints”, Cristina Barris

“Bond behaviour of NSM FRP strengthening systems on concrete elements under sustained load”, Javier Gómez

14:00   Closure

14:30  Lunch at “la Font del Gat” (Avinguda Lluís Pericot, 12)