• We are glad to announce the visit of Professor Pedro Camanho (University of Porto) for tomorrow 24th January 2017. At 16h, in classroom PII-09, he will give a talk entitled: “Analysis models for

  • We are glad to inform you of the visit of Dr. Jose Sena-Cruz from the University of Minho in Guimarães (Portugal), Department of Civil Engineering. On Monday and Tuesday, Dr. Jose Sena-Cruz is going t

  • We are glad to announce that yesterday we had the visit of Professor Lars Berglund from KTH ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (Sweden) in UdG! Professor Lars gave us a nice presentation entitled: ”Composi

  • A stay of three months of the student Aida Cameselle, from the EPFL (Switzerland) has concluded on May 31th. Her work has focused on the study of 3D crack propagation in GFRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced P

  • The program Orbita Laika in the Spanish television TV2 visits the subterranean Laboratory Canfranc in Huesca, Spain, in which the experiment NEXT (Neutrino Experiment with a Xenon TPC) is being comple

  • We are glad to announce our participation in “FUTURA – Saló dels Màsters i Postgraus” (24-25th March; Barcelona) to explain you the details of our master!! We dispose of tickets for

  • Last April 15th, the AMADE’s researcher Abdallah Kabeel got his PhD in Technology for the research work titled: Nominal Strength and Size Effect of Quasi-brittle Structures with Holes   Adv

  • Continuing with seminar sessions of invited professors for the Master MMS (, next week Dr. Frans Van der Meer from Delft University of Technology (Holland) is going to teach

  • AMADE has strengthened the lab capabilities in recent years thanks to funding from MINECO and FEDER to purchase high and low temperature hydraulic grips. The grips were first installed in 2014 in 250