Period: 1/11/2018-1/08/2020

Partners: Airbus Helicopter (topic manager), AMADE, Compoxi, Ikerlan

Project manager: Jordi Renart


Other AMADE people involved in project: Carlos Sarrado, Daniel Piedrafita, Jordi Llobet

Funding by:




This research and development project is part of the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking project. In the quest for cleaner and more silent aircraft, the role of designing components with better mechanical properties is determinant. Here is where LightAir becomes a promising endeavor.

Together with Airbus Helicopters, Ikerlan and Compoxi, an AMADE team lead by Jordi Renart will focus on the material performance characterization of coupons, elements and sub-structural details. The damage tolerance will be assessed at these three levels of the building block design approach. Adhesive, composite and honeycomb materials will be used to generate design allowables that will be simulated and tested in an extensive campaign.