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In January 2020, the AMADE research group celebrated its twentieth anniversary with a small conference and a good meal. The success of the meeting encouraged us to hold a biannual mini-symposium. On this page you can find the presentations of all the AMADE DAYS.


January 27, Virtual

10:00     Welcome, Pere Maimí and Cristina Barris
10:10     “From AMADE to IKERLAN: A gateway to modern industrial technologies Mario Cabello (invited speaker from Ikerlan and former Amade member)
10:30     Session 1: AMADE                                                                         Chairman: Josep Costa
                 “Introducing AMTEC: a new actor in the composites industry”, Carlos Sarrado
                 “AMADE PhD Sophomore Dissertations”, Marta Baena
11:10     Coffee break & virtual social meeting
11:40     Session 2: Modelling Composite materials                       Chairman: Dani Trias
                “Numerical Implementation of Experimentally Derived Mixed-Mode Cohesive Law”,  Ruben Isaac Erives Anchondo (invited speaker from DTU, Denmark)
Global sensitivity analysis and estimation of design allowables of composite tests within the framework of EU CleanSky Project ‘TREAL’”, Aravind Sasikumar
                “Numerical modelling and experimental behaviour of delamination and adhesive joints under dynamic loading”,  Pablo Villarroel

12:40     Closure


July 16,  Virtual

10:00   Welcome, Pere Maimí and Cristina Barris
10:10   Microscale modeling of fiber waviness and its effect on the composite properties and damage, Tamer Sebaey  (invited speaker from Prince Sultan University and former Amade member)
10:30   Session 1: Fracture of composites                Chairman: Norbert Blanco
               “How AMADE advanced towards efficient dynamic interlaminar characterisation?”, Sergio Medina
               “How pseudo-ductility influences translaminar toughness and nominal strengths?”, Anbazhagan Subramani
               “Computational Micromechanics of deformation and failure in unidirectional composites”, Mostafa Barzegar
11:30    Coffee break & virtual social meeting
11:50    Session 2: FRP reinforced concrete structures   Chairman: Emilio V. González
               “Reinforcing and strengthening of structures with FRP”, Lluís Torres
               “Experimental study on the bond behaviour between CFRP NSM strengthening system and concrete under fatigue loading”, Javier Gómez
12:30   Session 3: Composite Structures           Chairman: Emilio V. González
A+ Glide Forming production process for aeronautical composite components”, Daniel Campos (Applus and Amade)
               “Testing and simulation of a composite-aluminium wingbox assembly subjected to thermal loading”, José M. Guerrero

13:10    Closure


January 26,  Virtual

10:00  Welcome, Pere Maimí and Cristina Barris
10:10“Opportunities in automation”, Elio Pajares  (invited speaker from Airborne and former Amade member)
10:30  Session 1: Facilities and experimental tests at Amade labs  Chairman: Cristina Barris
             “New tests and developments during 2020 in the AMADE composites lab”,  Carlos Sarrado
             “Facilities and capabilities of AMADE structures lab”, Marta Baena
11:20  Coffee break & virtual social meeting
11:40  Session 2: New tests and experiments Chairman: Albert Turon
             “Effect of temperature on flexural performance of NSM CFRP-strengthened RC beams”, Younes Jahani
             “Mixed mode test setup design & in-situ durability test“, Edwin Meulman
             “Determination of a mix-mode cylindrical cohesive law from DCB tests”, Ruben Isaac Erives Anchondo (invited speaker from DTU, Denmark)
             “Fatigue-driven delamination in GFRP laminates under mode I variable amplitude loading and G-control cyclic testing”,
Simon Mosbjerg Jensen (invited speaker from Aalborg and visiting student at Amade)

13:00   Closure



July 15,  Virtual

10:00  Welcome, Josep Costa
10:10  Rector de la Universitat de Girona, Dr. Quim Salvi i Mas
10:30 “Bellapart Chair in Light and Glass Structures: purposes and objectives”Dani Trias
10:50  “Amade’soperation during the Covid-19 pandemic”, Cristina Barris
11:00  Coffee break
11:10  Session 1:   Mechanical Testing Chairman: Josep Costa
             “X-ray tomography applications for composites”, Santiago García Rodríguez (invited speaker from Onera and former Amade member)
             “Four ways to measure the J(w) curve”, Pere Maimí
11:50  Coffee break
12:10  Session 2: Design tools Chairman: Pere Maimí
             “Complete transverse stress recovery model for linear shell elements in arbitrarily curved laminates”, Pierre Daniel (Btech and Amade)
             “Towards the definition of an hybrid experimental/virtual test matrix for the certification of the aeronautical components”,
Albert Turon, Oriol Vallmajó & Ivan Ruíz Cozar

13:10  Closure



January 24, at “Sala d’actes” of the “Campus Centre, UdG” (Emili Grahit, 77)

10:00  Welcome, Pere Maimí and Cristina Barris
10:10  “AMADE, 20th anniversary”, Josep Costa
10:50  Coffee break
11:10  Session 1: Additive manufacturing  Chairman: Dani Trias
             “Additive Manufacturing of Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites for Transports, Healthcare & Sports”, Norbert Blanco
             “3D printing of strong fiber reinforced polymer”, Adi Adumitroaie
11:50  Session 2:  Strain rate effects   Chairman: Dani Trias   
             “Strain rate effects: A challenging topic considered in new AMADE’s projects”, Emilio González
             “Measuring Mode-I dynamic fracture toughness of composites under intermediate speeds”, Sergio Medina
12:30  Coffee break
12:40  Session 3: Adhesive joints Chairman: Lluís Torres 
             “Efficient design of bonded joints under different loading and environmental conditions”, Jordi Renart
             “A methodology to analyse bonded joints subjected to different environmental conditions”, Said Abdel Monsef
             “Near- surface mounted FRP-concrete adhesive joints”, Cristina Barris
             “Bond behaviour of NSM FRP strengthening systems on concrete elements under sustained load”, Javier Gómez

14:00   Closure

14:30  Lunch at “la Font del Gat” (Avinguda Lluís Pericot, 12)